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24. Painting with a Needle by Young Yang Chung

February 14, 2010

This is a great project book on learning how to embroider oriental designs in silk. Young Yang Chung is a South Korean textile artist, embroidery expert and researcher. Read more about her in wikipedia. An embroidery museum in her name exists in South Korea.

Painting with a Needle

One of my first books on embroideries and textile arts, it is my only project book on needlepainting with asian designs using silk threads. I really admire her traditional asian style of designing, which involves symbols. Like this very large embroidery of panels for a screen. The two species of hibiscus (white and pink) symbolize the unification of the north and south koreas.

Unified Korea

I have not done any of the projects yet. I am looking forward to trying out some of them soon. Dr. Chung describes how each project will be completed. White Peacock and Peonies is one of the projects I want to embroider!

White peacock and peonies