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27. Quilting by Isabel Stanley and Jenny Watson

April 12, 2010

A practical guide to quilting and patchwork with Techniques, charts and beautiful projects.

This large book covers almost all the techniques in quilting,including japanese sashiko, San Blas Mola and Indian Kantha techniques.

The techniques are presented in projects that are divided into 4 styles: historic, country, ethnic and contemporary.


I really like this book because it was able to include all the major quilting techniques, with projects that range from practical to whimsical to decorative.

I look forward to making the projects in the future, quilted and embroidered.


16. Sashiko Style (Traditional Japanese Patterns for Contemporary Designs)

January 24, 2010

(copyright by Boutique-sha)

I like collection of patterns and stitches, this book is a collection of sashiko patterns, their meanings and the stitch directions. It also features some projects and ideas for projects.