I like to collect books and magazines on techniques, patterns, stitches and projects from my favorite designers and publishers. And this is my blog on what I already have.

With this blog, I would like to go back to them and remember why I bought them in the first place.

Some of my favorite cross stitch designers are Teresa Wentzler, Marie Barber, Patricia Andrle, Dimensions Crafts and Thea Gouverneur. I started to collect patterns and books (new or mostly secondhand) since 2004 from ebay, amazon and from bookstores.

I also went crazy about  needlepoint designs from Kaffe Fassett, Elian McCready and Maggie Lane amongst many.

Later I started to collect books on other needlework  techniques (mostly embroidery) and I have stopped hoarding needlepoint and cross stitch patterns.

My library is growing.

It is my wish to share a bit of the books with others.



One Response to “worksofhands´Library”

  1. Trine Says:


    First of all thank you for a great blog.

    I am studying textiles in Denmark, with a focus on embroidery, and will in the beginning of May be going to Florence alone on a research trip.
    My hope is to find some traditional studios where they still practise the original Florentine Embroidery / Bargello.
    Did you happen to come across anywhere that had a focus on the flame/bargello stitch on your trip? If not, were there any of the places that you visited featured in your blog, where the staff was good at English – if so I will write them, and perhaps they could mention a few studios.

    My plan is to write about it and try to get it published in a creative magazine here in Denmark.

    Many thanks for your time and help.

    Best regards,

    Trine Boehm

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