32. Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork by Di Van Niekerk

Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork Di Van Niekerk

This book gives the instructions to finishing the design on the cover, which is called Flower Sampler  in her website.

Flower Sampler

Read more about this book in her website. ^_^


2 Responses to “32. Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork by Di Van Niekerk”

  1. Samanta Says:

    Hi, Vince! Very nice book, and I always like when I can learn techniques while working on a sampler…
    Why don’t you start telling us how you discovered these books and where you got them? I think it would be a nice extra info to this blog. 🙂

    • worksofhands Says:

      Hi Samanta,
      It is not very interesting how I got to find these books. I usually search “embroidery books” on ebay and amazon. Or just google them. Sometimes I read on a blog about how good they are. Sometimes I find them in needlework stores, or in bookshops and book sales (used books). If there is some interesting anecdote on a book I got, I will blog about it.
      ^_^ Vincent

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