33. Basket made from Cloth by Yoko Saito

Basket made from Cloth

From Yoko Saito´s website : Yoko Saito established the Quilt Shop and workshop “Quilt Party” that was to become her base of operations. She soon garnered a reputation for her painstakingly precise needlework and her hallmark style of gentle, “taupe colors.” In recent years, aside from her regular appearances on TV and in magazines in Japan, she has begun to expand her operations overseas, holding Quilt exhibitions and workshops in countries such as France, Italy and Taiwan. In 2008 she commemorated 30 years of creative activities with the Yoko Saito Quilt Exhibition at Matsuya department store in Ginza, Tokyo. She has also published numerous books.

I like this book because it has shown me that it is possible to make complex design with appliqué and patchwork, including braiding and weaving strips of cloths.

The smart way of using the prints on cloths to inspire a design is also an interesting technique I have realized with this book.

There are lots of projects in this book. I just featured some that I would like to finish myself. Most of the projects are hand bags and baskets, made of cloth.


3 Responses to “33. Basket made from Cloth by Yoko Saito”

  1. Diane Plunkett Says:

    I would like to purchase the Basket made from cloth book for my Quilt Shop, QBee Quilts – how can I do this wholesale

  2. barbraabf Says:

    I like basket made of cloth…

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