26. Gestickte Miniaturbilder by Peter Baumann (Embroidered Miniatures)

In German language.

Peter Baumann describes his techniques in making his miniature embroideries, and his choice of fabrics and using textile paints, which I find helpful.

Gestickte Miniaturbilder

He also shares the instructions to numerous projects, including slightly larger than 4cm squares, like the oval one in the book cover. The patterns are actual sizes (below: 4cm x 4cm).

Gestickte Miniaturbilder (2)

He has a website and you can try reading it in english through google´s translate: http://baumann-gesticktelandschaften.de/

Gestickte Miniaturbilder (3)

He has been embroidering and exhibiting since 1986, and has also won several embroidery competitions. He was a skilled mason and  a policeman.

peter baumann

You can purchase his book in amazon.

4 Responses to “26. Gestickte Miniaturbilder by Peter Baumann (Embroidered Miniatures)”

  1. Samanta Says:

    Hi, Vince! That’s another gorgeous book I didn’t know… beautiful work by a policeman, who would have thought?
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂
    Oh, and by the way… you could add the total of books you have to the sidebar of your blog. I’d love to know (and see the numbers growing! 😀 ).

  2. worksofhands Says:

    Hi Samanta,

    I really like his technique and he makes real miniatures (4cm x 4cm)!

    Thanks for the tip. I guess it is time to catalog the books so I know what I have. I am also thinking of a rubber stamp or sticker to put on all the books.

  3. Samanta Says:

    Oooohhh if you’re really going to label your books… you have GOT to do it with embroidery! How about a small embroidered label for each book? And fabric book sleeves for the ones that need more protection?
    I love embroidered labels!

  4. worksofhands Says:

    Nice idea. But I do not have the luxury. ^_^ Both in making embroidered labels and book sleeves. I know some who does it. I guess, I treasure my books a different way.

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