19. The Embroiderer´s Garden by Thomasina Beck

Embroiderer´s Garden Thomasina Beck

This is a very inspiring book. an eye-candy for embroiderers who also love flowers and gardens!

This is not a project book. It is a well-researched book on the subject gardening and how it inspires embroiderers.

This is an inspirations and idea book. With lots of photographs and illustrations suggesting stitches.
A whole chapter is dedicated on Knot gardens, with works that looks like those in Owen Davies´book, Embroidered Knotgardens.
The next photo is the embroidery which forms the endpapers of the book.

2 Responses to “19. The Embroiderer´s Garden by Thomasina Beck”

  1. Avital Says:

    What a coincidence. A couple weeks ago I bought “Embroidered Gardens” by the same author, published a couple years after this book. I wonder how much overlap there is. Two years is a very short time to produce a book of this size.

    • worksofhands Says:

      hi Avital. I plan to buy the whole series. Is it the same as I described this book? I guess that book is like a continuation. There is definitely a lot to write about this subject. I think the book you have is thicker and much better than this one. I hope to purchase all of her books. I like her style of writing.

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