7-11. Totsuka Embroidery Institute Stitch books 1-5

There are 11 Stitch books at this time. Totsuka published other books on other techniques like needlelace, hardanger and counted needleworks.  Book 1 is about the basic European or French stitches (backstitch, outline, french knots, etc.) Books 2 up shows a stitch or two and variations made on that stitch or stitches. This is where Sadako Totsuka becomes very admirable to me.  Totsuka is an innovator, and she is genuinely passionate about stitches! Her style in designing best represents my own style: outlined design filled with favorite stitches in colored threads. 

And the illustrations are so excellent. I do not need a translator. Well, I can read Katakana, which is why I can read the English names of the stitches.

On this photo of a page from the Leaf stitch variations book, you will see only variation numbers 24 to 28. There are more exciting variations.


5 Responses to “7-11. Totsuka Embroidery Institute Stitch books 1-5”


    Where can I find these Totsukas´s books?

  2. Nadeeka Says:

    I live in Sri Lanka.How can i buy your Totsuka embroidary design books.Also i need from the basic.

  3. Shihana Says:

    how can i get the basic stitch books?

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