5. Embroidered Knot Gardens by Owen Davies

Unique Stumpwork embroidery. This is not a project book though. But it gives lots of ideas and suggestions, in addition to the inspiring photos, on how to make an embroidered knotwork garden.

Owen´s inspiration:


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4 Responses to “5. Embroidered Knot Gardens by Owen Davies”

  1. Samanta Says:

    ohmygosh, Vince… following this blog is going to cause me financial ruin! 😀

    Too bad The Complete Encyclopedia can’t be found anymore. 😦

  2. worksofhands Says:

    lol! I agree with you. But, I try to buy only the best deals. I realized, most of the books on unique techniques, eventually becomes out-of-print,and very rare that they would be sold to up to 10 times its original price (150$++?!!!). So, now my rule is, to watch out for those rare books and get a copy while they are still affordable.
    The Dillmont Complete Encyclopedia will definitely come out again, with a new cover. Mine is the 3rd edition, on paperback. (1972, 1978, 1996). it is about time they make the 4th edition.

  3. meri Says:

    I can read Dillmont Encyclopedia as e-book only…

    • worksofhands Says:

      the Encyclopedia e-book is perfectly fine. I looked it up and there are some illustrations and stitches in the e-book that are not published in the printed edition.
      Problem would be you have to be online to follow the instructions. This is solved if you copy and paste the e-book and print it, which is more expensive than buying a copy. There are copies posted in amazon.

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